Saturday, October 6, 2007

Why "Put It On The List"?

Well, you have to have a cool, catchy name for your blog, of course.

And for that, I naturally went to the King of Naming... aka Son the Younger. He was alarmed at the intent way I was staring at him, waiting for his brilliance to shine through.

He said, "I'm out of conditioner. There's your blog name."

I replied, "That's lame. Put it on the list."

He said, "Put it on the list! Use that!" I started to tell him that was also lame, and then I considered what I wanted to write about -- life, the universe and everything -- and I thought, why not?

Why not indeed? How about, because someone already took that name? Curses! Foiled again! Not to be discouraged, we put dashes between the words, and a blog was born.

Like the world needs another blog...


Anonymous said...

If I made a blog I would totally call it "I'm Out of Conditioner."

Lisa said...

Feel free... I'd read it. =)

Mommy said...

Great Name Seester - can't wait to read more!