Friday, October 19, 2007

Lampwork beads

Oh yes, the torch, it is fun.

The proof is here:

These are my latest beads -- the ones that have not yet been annealed (heated in a kiln to increase the strength of the glass).

But then, you don't usually look at beads from the side, so here they are strung. This is the same wire I use in all my jewelry. It's the best I've ever found -- the strongest and most flexible. I've used other wires that are 49 strand stainless steel, but this beats them. Great stuff.

I'm really digging swirls right now, so i'm doing those in a bunch of colors. And dots have always been a favorite.

This photo shows some of my older beads; in fact, the first three beads I made when I got my torch are in this pic.

And again, the same beads strung:

It takes from 10-30 minutes to make each bead, so this little collection represents a fairly serious investment of time. But it's so much fun, and it's meditative really -- just me and the flame out in the garage alone. It's great fun.

Anyway, let me know what you think. If, you know, you want to. =)


BooMama said...


They are great looking!

And I have worn my own sassy necklace every single day this week. I am loving it!

Lisa said...

So lovely of you to say so -- thanks!

Mommy said...

Of course, I am biased, but I LOVE them!! Great job!