Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've been Katina'ed!

If you read BooMama then you probably know what a "Hair Wizard" is. Well, my Hair Wizard is named Katina. She moved from Austin to Colorado almost two years ago, but she still comes back here for her faithful clients here -- and I still won't let anyone else touch my hair.

I used to never be a color girl, but Katina is amazing with color, and I've always wanted to be a redhead (Cindy , you'd better appreciate that gorgeous hair you have!), so several months ago I decided to take the plunge and turn my mousy brown into lush red.

This past time, Katina and I got a little more, um, adventurous. Instead of using the regular colors, she chose a couple of colors from the bottom band, the one marked "Intense." And boy, is it ever!

I tried to get a pic of how bad my roots really were before Katina came back this last time, but unfortunately none of them came out. It doesn't look like I have roots in the pics I took, and in the pics my son took, he cut me off at the roots in every one. Silly boy. So here I am after my last cut, with the more tame red, holding my birthday flowers from my thoughtful seester:

And here I am a couple of days after my wild and crazy red:

The first picture is indoors while the second is outdoors, so you have to take that into account. And yes, my skin is really about as pale as a vampire's (thanks, Mom!). And the hair color is strangely unnatural, yet I like it.

Living in Austin will do odd things to a person.


Mommy said...

I love the hair color! Very you, I have to say. On a side note, that is not the flower arrangement I asked them to send - they were supposed to be over the top purple and very very tightly grouped. Argh!

Sorry, back to your hair - very untamed! I think it looks great with your pasty white skin! Intense red is always great with pale-ness!! Gotta love those genes.

Peach said...

I have done this color before and loved it . . . my hubby, not so much. I am probably real close to your "tamer" red right now and love it.

You look adorable in either color, and I especially love your hairstyle in the first shot. The curly is too fun, as well.