Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We get so attached to the silliest things...

We have a thing in our family for stuffed animals. Always have.

My boys probably wouldn't want the world at large to know this, but they collected Beanie Babies back in the day. And still have them all (at ages 17 and 14). They're cute, those beanies -- how could you get rid of them?

The latest is this ridiculously cute thing that Son the Older brought home from his job at Game Stop. He brings home freebies all the time, but this stuffed animal has been the coolest freebie thus far. The plan was to send it to his GF in Canada. As soon as he wrestled it out of my cold, dead hands.

Unfortunately, something very bad happened to Dewy first. We patched him back up, as you can see in this cute pic with said son (note the large Band-Aid on Dewy's left foot):

And who would do such a dastardly deed, you ask? Who would rip apart our dear, darling Dewy?

An excellent question! Here is the perpetrator of the horrible crime:

He looks all sweet and innocent, but don't let that fool you. Inside lurks the heart of a carnivorous stuffed animal ripper-apart-er!

Curiously enough, he's never touched any of the kids' other things, only this one. Poor Dewy.


Mommy said...

I have to confess. I had to make a double take at Son the Older to be sure that was him!! Wow - so grown up! I'm old :-(

Lisa said...

Yeah, he's changed a lot since you saw him last huh?

He found out that the GF likes his hair long, so there's no cutting it... which is fine; I'm not going to pick that battle. He's a good-looking guy though (at least I think he is -- but then, I'm his mom).