Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whew... I think the resume is finally done!

Seriously, is there anything in the world worse than working on your resume?

Well, ok, sure there is. But go along with me here for effect.

I started my resume on Monday, sent it to three friends for review, got it back on Tuesday properly shredded, and began again. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in agonizing rewrite. Now there are a couple of rough patches, but I think it's almost done. I sent it back out to two of the same people and one new person, and I hope I can officially send it out to my network (I <3 LinkedIn) and out for job listings soon.

In the meantime, if you know of any fantastic jobs with great co-workers, fantastic management, and decent pay and hours, give me a shout.


Mommy said...

Congrats, and yes, working on a resume just stinks. Should I be offended that I wasn't one of the people you sent it to (sniff, sniff)!?!

Lisa said...

You can have it if you want... there's still one bullet that just won't submit to wordsmithing by anyone!