Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's funny what you consider productive when you're not employed.

Yesterday I (finally!) got my car washed. When I got done, I was all hot and sweaty, and my dog was also dirty, so I washed him too. Clean car, clean dog. Check! Check!

Today I've been beading furiously all day. I wouldn't want to give anything away to the accidental reader (singular) who might wander along... but watch BooMama's blog ( for details later this week. There will be pics on this blog too. Promise. If I live that long. I had to find cute sassy models for my things, of course, and naturally I needed to look no farther than the many female friends of Son the Younger. His friend Amazing Katie will be doing the honors, and I don't know which of us is more excited -- her to be modeling FOR! THE! INTERNET! or me to get to spend some time with her -- she's so fun, and it's been way too long. I should make her a fun Katie necklace just for being so cool.

It's funny... I was scared for my kids to be teenagers, but I've had such fun with them. Who knew?

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