Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall, Glorious Fall!

Every few days, they would tease me again. And like a fool, I'd believe. Every time. And every time, I was let down. Oh, the agony!

After a half dozen iterations, I finally stopped believing. You'd think I would catch on faster than that. You'd think I was smarter. But apparently you'd be wrong.

Toward the end of last week, my dear hubby said it again: "They say a cold front's coming through in a few days."

"No it's not!" I retorted. "They've been claiming that ALL MONTH. Every few days they say something about a cold front. There has been no front. It's stinkin' 85 degrees outside in October! Hello? I ordered AUTUMN!"

Not that I have any particular feelings on the topic. Not that I'm tired of the heat. (Not that I really have anything to complain about since this has been the mildest summer in memory in central Texas...)

But still, I'm ready for fall. And let me tell you, the past couple of days have been bee-yoo-tee-full. Gorgeous during the day and even chilly at night! Who'd've thunk it? Driving with the top down during the day and up at night? Crazy talk!

Hello, autumn. I've missed you. You know how I love your cool breezes and (if you can manage it in this part of the world) leaf changes. I'll admit, it's a shame the days get shorter when you arrive. But your relief from the heat makes it all worthwhile, baby. XXOOXX

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