Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Latest lampwork beads

Now, I know y'all think beads are as important as I do. That's why I made these yesterday. Because I was thinking of y'all. And because I do so love my torch.

See, I knew y'all would want some fun swirly beads and some fun Christmas tree beads. Just think of the great necklace you could make with one of those as the pendant and some cute little beads to go with it -- like the fish necklace, kinda, only with festive Christmas colors.

And THIS is what happens when you put your nifty clear beads in acid to etch the shiny off them. They come out all frosty and wintry. How fun is that? Now you put those with some Swarovski clear crystals in a cute little necklace or bracelet (I'm totally stealing an idea from my friend Kami here, but she knows cuz I told her I was going to -- and she got the idea from our friend Lisa, who got it from somewhere else).

But seriously, how much fun is that? I just loved it. I'll have to make a few dozen more. And maybe some more Christmas trees if y'all like 'em.

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ikkinlala said...

I love those frosty beads!