Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Typhoon, Hurricane... Why Split Hairs?

A storm is a storm is a storm, right?

Except I'd like to go home on schedule, please. I miss my hubby and my surly teenage boys and my own bed. These two weeks have been wonderful, fabulous, couldn't have been better, but as Dorothy said, there's no place like home, and I'm ready to go back in two days.

However, according to the weather people, there's a big ol' bunch of stuff headed this direction. The map looks more favorable now than it did this morning, but there's still a possibility that it turns and hits Taiwan and I get delayed.

I know this is my second short post in a row, and I went to dinner tonight and took about three dozen pictures of the food alone, because my goodness, they just kept bringing it out to us, but now I'm way too tired to tell you about it. I think my co-workers have more stamina than I do.

So I will tell you about my fabulous dinner tomorrow, and you will keep your fingers crossed for me that the typhoon misses Taiwan. Deal?

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Tammy said...

Oh no, I hate to tell ya, it looks like it's going to hit the edge as of right now... Praying for it to pass.