Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nope, No Jet Lag in This Family!

As previously mentioned, Son the Younger recently returned from Germany. Upon his return, he proudly announced, "I don't suffer from jet lag! I was meant to be a world traveler!"


I believe that night he fell asleep between 7 and 8pm. This is my 15-year-old son, whose summer bedtime is generally in the wee hours. He does take after his mama the night owl. I'm so proud.

The next night he managed to keep his eyelids propped open ALL THE WAY until 9pm, y'all. With three friends spending the night.

Tonight he's managed to stay up pretty late, by which I mean he's still awake, so he's just about recovered. He's now admitted his jet lag, although he says it doesn't bother him.

I have no such illusions about my upcoming trip to Taiwan; I fully realize there will be killer jet lag on both ends, although I hope the Ambien cushions the blow a bit.

If anyone has any tips on traveling a long way, going to Asia, anything of that nature, I'm alllllll ears.

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Sarah Anne said...

Take your own (full-size) pillow for the plane. I know it sounds like a pain to have to carry-on, but it saved my life when I flew to Australia. The airplane pillows are too small and a breeding ground for bacteria (they don't wash them) and usually those travel pillows just don't do the trick when you're trying to get a "full night's sleep." And try to get a window seat so you can lean against it.

And drugging up on Ambien helps. Have fun! :-)