Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictorial Randomness

I have some cleaning up to do, and some rambling to do about some pictures. Unfortunately, I have more than one day's worth of pictures to ramble about. I'll keep them in separate posts for sanity's sake.

I'm sad to say that these pictures are now a week old. Bad blogger! No donut!

The first three pictures are of a snack we had one afternoon. Everyone was treated to a snack of ice and fruit (at least, I think it was fruit of some sort). We were all given our cup of ice and fruit, plus one of the small creamer things like you get with a cup of coffee. Here's what it looked like pre-cream. I think one of the guys said that the orange things are a relative of sweet potatoes, but they didn't taste similar to me. I liked the orange things and the off-white things, but the black jelly-like stuff was less to my liking.

Here it is after pouring the cream in. You pour it in and stir it up. Although it doesn't look that appetizing, it's pretty good.

Here it is all stirred up and ready to eat. It's all kind of a gray mush thanks to the black jelly stuff. Still tastes good though.

Also, I thought since I had some litchi (which is apparently the correct spelling), I would show it to y'all. And make Janet, my Taiwanese friend, hungry. So here it is on the branch.

You peel off the rind before you eat it. That's a lot easier to do when it's room temp; the rind gets a lot more brittle after refrigeration. Oh well. It tastes yummy refrigerated.

More peeling, more of the litchi exposed. Trying to let y'all in on the process!

Here is our litchi all ready to eat. Yum!

After you pop your yummy snack in your mouth, this is what you have left -- the pit.

Yep, it's kind of a labor intensive fruit, but certainly no worse than, say, an orange. And quite tasty!


Cindy said...

So would you eat the litchi (quantity) more like grapes? Just with the labor of an orange (where you would only eat one)?

That black mushy stuff looks like something I'd be afraid to eat. Did it smell good? Did it smell like a dessert? Was it sweet?

Janet Future MK Director said...

You are soooooo wrong. Thank goodness Asian store had litchi and HEB carried them last year so I am hoping to find some again this year. I think the black jelly is grass jelly, good for you especially when you are hot. My mom usually melt brown sugar with water and pour over the jelly, yum.
Glad you are back, hope to see you soon. Perhaps we can go to the cafe near church for something close to Taiwanese food.

Jenny said...

I've never heard of litchi before much less tasted it. It looks like the flesh of a plum once you peeled it. And I think an orange is harder to get to than that litchi.