Sunday, July 27, 2008

Excellent Birthaversary Weekend

So, this week has been "interesting"...

My left foot and ankle were swollen and painful the entire time I was in Taiwan, so I headed to the doc as soon as I was back home. She wasn't sure of the cause but put me on anti-inflammatories twice a day. Even though I've taken them on a full stomach every time, they have not been gentle to me, to the point that a very nice dinner out was pretty well ruined last night. So I'll be calling my doctor back to see what can be done tomorrow.

But on a more pleasant note, the reason I was out for such a nice dinner, at one of my favorite places, was to celebrate my birthday and anniversary, which happen to fall on the same day. In years when either is significant, hubby doesn't get away with just a nice dinner, but this year isn't a big deal.

We went with friends who brought me a lovely birthday gift. Or hilarious, at least. He/she/it is handmade. What should I name him?

Today we went to Pei Wei for dinner. My tummy is feeling much better since I got all rebellious and decided to take Aleve rather than the prescribed stuff. After dinner we decided it was high time to check out the alleged best bubble tea in Austin!

I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so this is the best I could do once I got home. Sorry the glass is only half full. *blush*

I'd give this milk tea with bubbles about an 8.5/10 on the scale where a 10 was the bubble tea place by my hotel. Pretty good, but the flavor isn't quite as good, and I prefer the smaller bubbles. I may have to break down and make my own, since I was given my own supply of small bubbles before I left.

What about you? What's your favorite beverage? Where do you buy it?


Cindy said...

I'll play! Mine is boring though. My fav is Pibb Zero and I can only buy it at the Kroger by my house (not really BY my house, but the closest). The Tom Thumb doesn't have it.

Also, one button out of about 4 million at my company is Pibb Zero. A button is one selection on a vending machine. I special request it from the Coke people and they take care of me!!

Becky Laswell said...

Matt christened the sock monster as "Socko: the Sumo Sock" but as his/her/its adoptive mother, you are free to choose a new name. :)

Flabbyironman said...

I just think that it's funny that I've created a monster... Ang and I give Becky one silly little book and she becomes a sock creature fiend!

Umm.. favorite drink... I don't really have one. I like Sprecher root beer. I pick it up when I can... though they don't carry it here anymore. The Safeways around here carried it for about three months... then NADA.

Oh well.

Viina said...

dr. pepper!!... i am not from texas i swear... and for the little guy... ragnaros. or something just as goofy and wow-related. my first thought was mikez, but thats just me... oh oh! raggamuffin!

Tammy said...

Light White chocolate frappacino from Starbucks - double blended with an extra shot (that stuff literally moved me here). It's amazing the energy level that can come from and extra shot.

I still don't quite get the bubble tea. What do those little beads taste like?

Happy Birthaversary!!