Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Evening in Pictures

I went to a night market, and I smelled many smells.

Some of them were BAD SMELLS! BAD! DOWN, SMELL, DOWN!

I was advised to find a place to eat that was fairly crowded -- safety in numbers, I assume. I found a bakery whose sign was in English (stunning, really), and there were probably a dozen people inside. I wandered in, and there were all kinds of sandwiches and stuff in addition to sweet stuff. I ended up with some sort of croissant-looking bread with a sausage or something in it. Aside from the onions it's pretty good. I also got some mini chocolate muffins, which aren't as good as I'd hoped.

But I digress. I promised pictures.

Just when you thought you'd left America behind, you find out it is ubiquitous:

At least the 7-11 tries to blend in a little!

I went into said 7-11, hoping against hope for a Dr. Pepper Slurpee, and I jaywalked, which is taking your life into your hands here, because the SCOOTER PEOPLE WILL RUN YOU DOWN without a second thought. There was no DP Slurpee, but I did find this cute little drink, which I was tempted to try just because it looks so cheery, what with the dancing fruit on the label and all.

I didn't buy it. I took a walk on the wild side and bought two (TWO!) Cokes. In bottles, so I don't have to drink them all at one time. I'm a wild and crazy girl, y'all.

If you've never seen one, here is what a night market looks like. Too bad there's no Smell-O-Vision. Or maybe it's better that way.

So, back to the hotel. I asked the night clerk, who is just the sweetest woman ever, if I could tak her picture. She asked why, and I told her she was the first person I'd met in this city. Which is true -- the driver wasn't from here. =)

She truly is as darling as she looks. Couldn't you just hug her? She gives me a little bow every time she sees me. Y'all know me -- you'd never do that! I like her.

I really couldn't pass up a picture of the Classy Elevator. Yes, this is a picture of the outside of the doors.

Inside the elevator is this sign, which cracks me up every time I'm in there. Apparently pizza cures everything; who knew? Truly though, these are the most hospitable, nicest people imaginable.

Having said that... yes, I have a need. An extra pepperoni need.


Coach J said...

So, do most of the people speak English? Are you able to get around-language wise-OK?
Great pictures you have there! So, pizza is universal. Order me a double pepperoni thin crust. I'll bring the DP. :)

Robert (hubby) said...

The dancing fruit! Get the dancing fruit! :)

Heather said...

Look at you in another world! It's fun reading about your adventures. Miss you!

Cindy said...

So are you going to drive to the REAL DP place assoonasyougethome?! I understand the need for the DP - it runs deep with you. I'm with Robert though, try the dancing fruit. When will you have that kind of opportunity again? Love the pizza cure-all. I totally agree.