Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today the Painting Craziness Comes to an End

I hope, anyway. We're between Coat 1 and Coat 2 on the Very Last Wall. Whew!

Unfortunately, I only have "before" pics of my kitchen area, so for the other areas (where I only have "after" pictures), you'll have to use your imagination. Since everyone has seen an off-white wall before, I'm sure you can manage. Can you say imagination? I knew you could.

And you'll have to wait until I'm done putting my house back in order, which will take another day or so. I just can't take "after" pictures while it looks like a large family of vagrants moved into my house. Sorry.

However, I will post a picture of something we enjoyed last night. We ordered pizza to enjoy as a painting break, and apparently our order was taken by Jesus himself! Take a look:

I felt so privileged... although it would have been really cool if He had delivered it and I could have met Him! ;-)


Cindy said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm sure it looks awesome - and just in time for the PAR-TEE!!

Coach J said...

Ha! Love it! I'm guessing it was the best pizza you ever ate??
And, I can't wait to see the pics too :)

Finleys said...

I almost peed my pants! What is a religious experience?

kw said...

Guuuurl, I just thought I had him in worship, but he makes pizza for YOU!!! I hope he used extra cheese. :)