Thursday, May 22, 2008

As Part of Your Price Is Right Showcase Showdown

I start my new job on June 2 -- a little more than a week from now -- and part of my job duties include being able to take clients to lunch.

Anyone who knows me well knows that my beloved car is a two-seater. A great car, but not if you're taking more than one other person with you anywhere.

So hubby (who has a similar job) and I are investing in a new vehicle in celebration of my newfound employment. We haven't picked it up yet, but here's the promo picture of it. It's even the right color!

For you diehard Price Is Right fans, I'll go ahead and say it: it's A NEW CAR!

This will be my first time to enjoy the wonder of satellite radio, and since I will be supporting a client in another city in the great state of Texas, I'll get plenty of opportunities to use it! It also has an auxilliary plug for my darling iPod, so I can have all sorts of wonderful music (if you haven't checked out Dave Barnes from my last post, you really should).

In other news, I'm taking off this week and next to paint some rooms in my house. I've lived here for 10 years with all off-white walls, and it's time to make some changes. I called up my good friend Heather, who was gracious enough to pick out colors for me, and now I'm painting up a storm. Yes, I will post before and after pics as soon as I have them. Turns out painting is fairly time-consuming when done alone. Who knew?


Cindy said...

Wahoo for the new car! Satellite radio is your friend, but when it comes time to subscribe...hold out, they'll send you incredible deals, but not the first mailing they send out. Wahoo for your new job!!

kw said...

WOOHOO! Good for you, girl! I can't wait to see it.