Thursday, May 15, 2008

By Request of The Mighty Sister

My dearest darling (and only) sister requested quite some time ago that I blog links to my fun new clothes so she could see what I got.

So, more or less in order, here is my shopping spree!

I went to Coldwater Creek by myself initially. It took me a few hours -- mainly because I tried on almost everything in the store -- but I left with these pants in black and white, this tank top in black and white, these dress pants in black, and this great flattering top in black. I went back during the grand spree the next day at the mall and grabbed this tunic too.

First up during the big day o' mall shopping with my lovely personal shopper, interior decorator, and best bud Heather was J. Jill. The things I ended up not buying because I found better things elsewhere were a denim skirt, this black skirt, and this skirt, which matches this shirt that I did get. That same shirt also goes with this skirt. To wear over many other things, I got this great short sleeve black jacket -- great wardrobe staple for Texas! And since I'd gotten so much black and white, Heather insisted on some color, which we got in this sweater in light green. I also got the greatest pair of trouser jeans ever, but I can't find them on the web site to show you -- bummer! I went back a few days later and got these crop pants on sale (two in demim and one in brown). I got one denim pair to fit me now and one to fit me if I lose another 5-10 pounds.

Next up during the mall extravaganza was Gap, where I bought these khakis and this cute pink top, which isn't very work-y, but it was cute, so what the heck.

Then it was off to Talbot's, where I zigzagged back and forth between petites and regular to pick up lots of goodies like this denim miniskirt and this great A-line black skirt (on sale even!). Also, this great sleeveless striped top, which doesn't look on me like it does on the model because I have a lot more, um, lots of things than she does. And even though it's out of season, I got this amazing denim jacket that's cut really well; it will be great for fall. The thing that I didn't get that I really wanted was this skirt in turquoise with a matching sleeveless turquoise sweater that I can't seem to find online. Gorgeous, but too expensive, AND dry clean only, which is a deal-breaker for me.

It was a really fun shopping day, and I would never have expected to find so much all in one day. I give all the credit to Heather for being such a great shopper. It's been a blast wearing all my new things and hearing how fantastic I look. Next up: Heather will be picking out colors for my house! Yes, for those who know me, this is a really scary step. I've lived in a beige house for ten years, but now I'm going to PAINT! In COLORS, y'all!

Look out, the chick has gone crazy now!


bensrib said...

Wow! That's a lot of loot for one day! I hate shopping. It's such terrible work for me. Maybe I need Heather. . .

Cindy said...

That's an awesome shopping day Seeseter!! Wow - Heather really is a miracle worker. I love the tunic from Coldwater - very cute. Love the denim jacket, the a-line black skirt...well, I just love everything! You were right though - you did WAY better than I imagined at Coldwater. I've never been to/heard of J. Jill, but Talbot's is always a home run.

Wow - color in your house...on your walls??!?! I'm so proud of you!!! I can't wait - you better be sure to take before & after pictures.

kw said...

I loves me some shopping! Good for you, Lisa! :)