Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can I Get Some Bargain Lungs at the Target?

When I left the women's retreat on Sunday, I came down with a monster cold, the sort of thing that mere over-the-counter meds can't handle. I've spent every night this week mostly sleepless due to either coughing or sinus crud (and no one wants me to say more than that).

On Wednesday, I was tired of not sleeping, so I sent the hubby out to find Drixoral, a 12-hour antihistamine that could dry up the Nile River. He came back with one of those namby-pamby 24-hour antihistamines for allergies. I looked at the Nyquil in my medicine cabinet, looked at the meds my loving husband had brought home, and I knew I should take what he'd brought me.

You guessed right: big mistake. I hardly slept.

On Thursday night, I took my Nyquil, happy in the knowledge that I would sleep. As I got ready for bed, I was still eyeing the antihistamine hubby brought home. Just to make SURE I would really sleep, I took it too. Sure enough, I slept really well.

On Friday, I tore our little town apart looking for Drixoral. Walgreen's was out, and I knew hubby hadn't found any at the HEB. I ended up buying the last box the CVS had, and of course I had to sign my life away to buy it. ("Please sign the statement below, swearing that you are not manufacturing methamphetamine...") Seriously people, I just want to sleep. I promise!

Exhausted, I fell into bed at 9pm (after reneging on a baby shower that I was just too sick and tired for). I made a horrifying discovery: while Drixoral has always worked wonders in the past, it is not equal to whatever has hold of my head right now. I got back up at 11pm and took one of the namby-pamby 24-hour antihistamines, but even then, I didn't sleep as well as I had with the Nyquil.

And while yesterday I only suspected, today I'm quite sure the cold has migrated to my lungs and turned nasty. Yes, it's Saturday and I have bronchitis. And my doctor retired, so now I don't really have one, so I have no clue what to do now. Any thoughts?

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