Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Insanity, It Begins With Painting

In order to paint that wall, we had to move the entertainment center.

To do that, we had to take everything out. That involved throwing most of the stored stuff away. VCR tapes anyone? I have dozens of them. Lots of Disney movies that, surprisingly, my teenage boys aren't interested in keeping in that format. I'm not either. So out they go.

We took out the receiver, the VCR, the DVD player, the DVR (only talked hubby into that a few months ago -- pretty stunning for a couple of geeks), and finally the TV, which is older than Son the Older. That's right, our TV is like 18 or 19 years old. All of our wiring has to run through our VCR because the TV doesn't have the connectors. We are media dinosaurs.

We had been looking at our pathetic shutters (installed by the previous owners) and lusting after plantation shutters, but Son the Younger and I convinced hubby that a new TV could come first. So here it is!

It's a Samsung 40" HDTV with lots of stats I won't bore you with (even though I actually understand them all, being a bit of a geek). The really sad part is we have no HD inputs, so we're just looking at a cruddy signal amplified on a big screen. Still, it's a lot prettier than our old TV, and the teenagers are ever-so-blissful.

No, I don't know why Cary Elwes has that mark on his cheek. Clearly, he was perfect in "The Princess Bride." Any imperfection can be blamed solely on me.


Coach J said...

Wow, girl!! Look at you go: new clothes, a new car, and a new TV. I think you won the Showcase Showdown!! :)
No, really. Congrats on all your new purchases. I hope you're enjoying all your new stuff!

kw said...

I can't wait to check it out!

Brian said...

Ok Lisa, umm... I know you're a geek and all but I think you might have your DVD player set up wrong. At the very least you're playing back the princess bride at the wrong aspect ratio. It's 1.85:1 not 2.whatever:1. Make sure that your DVD player is set to 16:9 output and not 4:3. Otherwise it'll play your video in the wrong aspect.

So ends a comment even geekier than yours.

Robert Reid said...

Yup. It was indeed set for 4:3 not 16:9. I was "99.9%" sure that our DVD player was too old to even have that setting, but my wife was persistent and found it, once again proving that she is smarter than me. :)

Brian said...

It was part of the DVD spec from the beginning. Someone was apparently thinking ahead.

Cindy said...

Wahoo for the new TV!! It's so hard to believe that a house full of self-professed geeks didn't have a newer TV than that. Welcome to the new century!