Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Week of Mixed Blessings

I have to say that my baby niece, Princess Katherine, is the most beautiful newborn baby girl I've ever seen. I've never had a daughter -- or a baby niece -- and I didn't see my great-niece when she was brand-new, so I think I'm pretty safe in making that statement.

I have taken many pictures, but I did not bring my card reader with me to Dallas, so posting pics will have to wait a few more days, alas.

Hanging out with this tiny girl, with my sister and brother-in-law, and with my nephew David has been a joy. The joy has been tempered by all my sister's medical drama (and there's more; updates in a sec), but it's been great to visit and help them a tiny bit with settling in, playing with David, holding Katherine, all of that. I've gotten to see my dad a couple of times too, which is always a treat. It's a shame I missed Meme (bro-in-law's mom), who is delightful), but when Sis moved to this house they lost the "guest wing," as we affectionately called it, and now guests come one at a time.

I will also get to visit with a couple of local friends this evening, which will be fun -- haven't seen them in months -- and my sister's family can probably do with an evening to themselves after all their company.

So, back to Sister's medical fun. In addition to my her PRES, about a week ago she developed a large pain in the rumpus area (I know you want it to be me, and sometimes it is, but it's literal too). The doc thinks it's her tailbone, so she's off to talk to the neurologist about that today. The MRI she had on her brain for the PRES didn't cover her spine, so we'll see what the neurologist has to say about that. With any luck it will be "just" a bruised tailbone, which is annoying and painful but temporary. My poor Sissie has had enough to deal with, methinks. We're all so grateful that Katherine, at 5 weeks premature, is healthy -- it would be great if we could get Sister there as well!

In job news, I got a text this morning from my friend at the Large Corporation, saying she has found the right people to give my resume to. Yay! So we'll see what happens there.

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