Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard

There is a team of bloggers in Uganda for Compassion this week.

The list of blogs is here, but my favorites are of course BooMama and Rocks in My Dryer.

If you've never thought of your own staggering wealth by virtue of being born in a first-world country, please consider that if you own a home and a car, you are among the world's 5% wealthiest. Yep, you and Bill Gates aren't as far apart as you assumed.

Go look at some of the pictures and see how you and your family and friends aren't living. It's humbling. Then consider what you're doing with your wealth. Even if you don't sponsor a child through Compassion (and I have in the past, although I'm not currently), it's enough to make you look at your expenditures. Or just cry either at the poverty these children live in, or the joy on their faces despite their circumstances.

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