Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At Long Last!

The promised pic of... (drum roll please) the long awaited PERFECT (or at least good enough) GUITAR BEAD!

Yes, I'm me, and there are still things I'd change. I made the "strings" by pulling a thin rod of glass (called a stringer) that is black with gold glitter in it. It didn't show up very well, so if I were doing it again (which I am NOT), I would do black with white. Hopefully it would then look more string-like.

However, I'm thrilled to have found a glass that stays turquoise, to have made a bead that didn't break, and to have made something that looks pretty much like a guitar. (Last night at my small group meeting someone looked at one of my earlier attempts and said, "Wow, cool... violin?")

Now I must pick it up from the glass shop where it is being annealed (put through the kiln to strengthen the glass) and bead it onto a necklace as a pendant. I hope the recipient likes it!


Cindy said...

It's a beauty!!

Brian said...

I'm really happy that you were finally able to get one finished. I know that I saw some of the earlier attempts when we were there in December. This has been a long process!

Coach J said...

I like it! very cool!!
I'm glad you put what all you're doing in one post...you are one busy lady.