Friday, January 4, 2008


This is an idea shamelessly stolen from Antique Mommy. I doubt my list is as impressive as hers, but I loved the idea, especially around this time of year. Feel free to blog your own!

Still loving life, love, Jesus, Austin, my family and friends. And, to steal one from AM, my iPod.

Still missing my mom, four years after her death... although I'm much closer to my sister now than I was before.

Still wanting to write the Great American Novel (my secret for years).

Still praying for my sons to grow up to be happy, fulfilled men who love God and love people, regardless of whether that looks like what I expect it to look like.

Still not interested in politics.

Still looking for the perfect job. Or really, just a good one.

Still hoping God has plans for a good job for me!

Still enjoying melting glass with a torch in my garage and making beautiful jewelry from the result.

Still reading the Bible all the way through -- for the second time.

Still proud of having gone back to school to get an engineering degree, with two kids, while working, and getting a respectable GPA.

Still failing to establish a real workout plan of any kind, although I've lost weight during my time at home by eating less.

Still grateful for my family, my home, and all the hundreds of other blessings in my life every day.

So, reader, what are you still doing?


Cindy said...

Great post. I would do it if I were a bit more creative, but I think I'd probably just copy most of yours!

Still missing mom - that hit hard. Me too Sister, me too. But you're right, we are much closer now than we were before - something that I KNOW for a fact would make mom so happy she'd dance. Maybe she is.
Love you - C

Monica said...

Ok you two, you almost made me cry.