Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sister, My Sister

You'd think it would be enough that my niece is still in the NICU. But you'd be wrong.

My poor sister had a spinal headache from her epidural, which really didn't "take" all that well (and of course left her in a lot of pain during labor to boot). Her head was still hurting today, but they'd treated her twice and were pretty confident she should be over it. So she took her blood pressure, and lo and behold, it was sky-high. She called her doctor, who said, "Hie thee to the ER!" So she did.

And now she's in the ICU with postpartum pre-eclampsia. Poor sister.

They called her and said they could send baby Katherine home today. She replied that she was in the ER, and their answer was, "Oh. Um, Katherine is definitely not ready to go home tonight. Not at all. Maybe tomorrow morning."

Fortunately, Sister's condition is supposed to be resolved within 24 hours, and she and her beautiful baby girl can be at home enjoying each other by tomorrow. But today's been kinda rough. Mimi (Sister's fantastic mother-in-law) is changing her plans to come in early to help out. Three cheers for Mimi!

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