Friday, March 20, 2009

March Moto Madness

Today I did a couple of things I've never done before: drove myself on a motorcycle, and popped a wheelie on a motorcycle (I wasn't driving for the latter).  I've ridden on motorcycles dozens of times -- mostly in my errant youth -- but I'd never been the driver until today.

My husband's co-worker Ron owns land and 3 dirt bikes, and miraculously, one is short enough to accommodate my stubby legs.  Hubby and sons had been out to ride the bikes once before, but I was sick that day, so I didn't get to go.  Today, I was happy to get to go along.

Ron has two 250cc bikes and one 80cc bike.  Only he and hubby were really tall enough and accomplished enough to ride the big bikes, so the other four of us (me, both sons, and Arlyn, who is Son the Younger's best friend) took turns on the 80cc bike.  Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so there are no pictures to commemorate the event.

My boys and I learned to drive on manual transmissions, so it's not a huge leap to learn to drive a motorcycle; it's just a lot to think about at once.  I had trouble with the clutch letting out so far away from the handlebars since my hands are small.  Once I figured that out though, I had a great time buzzing around the field, switching gears, leaning into turns, all that good stuff.

Ron took me for a ride on the big bike, which will wheelie pretty easily if you goose it hard enough.  So he did, and we did -- very briefly.  I wish there was a picture, but whatcha gonna do.

Last time they went riding, everyone wiped out and came back with small injuries.  This time, only Arlyn wiped out, and apparently she wasn't hurt at all.  She's tougher than me!

We had a blast, and we're already talking about how soon we can go back.  Ron was a great host and a patient teacher -- the perfect guide to have for one's first time on a motorcycle.

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