Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Bit of Heavy Weather

Here in central Texas, we don't get earthquakes, or tsunamis or hurricanes -- although occasionally we get the leftovers from a hurricane.

We do, however, get tornadoes. And hail. And today was one of those days.

When we got the weather report and heard the first small hailstones on their way, I sent my hubby outside to cover the car with our thickest, heaviest blanket. It weighs about 15 pounds when it's not soaking wet. The side you can't see is all quilted denim, handmade by my aunt. No, it's probably not the sort of thing you might think of to put on your car, except that it's the thickest blanket we have, and I knew it would protect the poor car. (Only one car fits in our junk-filled garage, and that's my precious convertible two-seater sports car. This car, although newer, is relegated to the driveway.)

Hubby stayed outside to watch the storm. I couldn't bear to watch hail damage as it was occurring, although once the hail really started, it was so loud that I had to go outside and see it.

We had heard the hail was going to be 2.5" in diameter. But seriously, when was a weather report on hail ever NOT exaggerated? I've heard of "golf ball sized hail" many times, but I've never seen it.

However, this hail was impressively sized: enough to cause damage. I grabbed my camera and made my hubby into a hand model.

The car didn't sustain any damage that I saw. I hope my roof survived as well. Many of the roofs in my neighborhood have been replaced in the last couple of years due to hail and windstorms. We were thinking this might be the last straw for our roof. I guess we'll see tomorrow if any shingles blew off.

So, how's the weather where you are?

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Tammy said...

What are y'all doing down there for God to throw down with you like that??? ;)

We've got a blizzard today.
The wind is so fast that we have spots we can see the grass and drifts that are taller than Matthew.
The nice thing is that it will all be melted by the weekend. :D