Thursday, March 19, 2009

Any Excuse for Cleanliness

I've lived in my house since December of 1997, so it's been over 11 years.

I'm gonna tell you a literal dirty little secret: we've never had the carpets professionally cleaned. Until now. And I'm trying to be a better blogger, so I took before and after pics of the craziness for you.

Unfortunately, I didn't think of pictures until after Matt the magical steam cleaning man was done with my family room, where all the nastiest stains had gone to die, but we'll work with what we have, shall we?

My hubby tried to blame me for these stains, which happen to be under the table I bead on.  He ignored the 857 parties we've held in this house.  Um, sure honey, these stains are totally my fault.  I bring stuff in here and sling it around while I bead, wild woman that I am.

Ewww, right?  And here's what the same carpet looked like when Matt was done with it.  Matt was my new best friend by the time he was done in my house, lemme tell ya.

This was a nasty rust ring left by a really beautiful Tiffany style torchiere I have in my formal living room. Ooh, not good.

But that stain was no match for Matt the magical cleaning man!  I was shocked that it all came out.  Good work, Matt!  And you didn't even get any of that steamy residue on your cape!

So what precipitated this cleanliness, you might wonder?  Well, I was throwing a special party for my friend Jennifer, pictured below, and I figured it was a good excuse.

We had a lovely shower in my newly cleaned home.  Now I need to talk my hubby into letting me bring Matt back to do the upstairs!


Becky Laswell said...

Wow! I may be calling you (after our current home improvement projects wrap up) to get the number for Matt the Steam Clean Man! Our carpet is about like yours, but I've put off steam-cleaning, thinking it was hopeless (oh, and thinking that someday we'll replace it - someday...).

Cindy said...

Mom's beaming at your carpet ;-)