Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Sad and Scary Few Days

Some weeks I just don't like the world as much as others. Today it doesn't seem very friendly.

A sad thing happened to me personally that I can't talk about yet; Son the Younger is in Germany on a school-sponsored trip, and although I doubt he's reading my blog while he's there, that's not the right way to tell him.

On Sunday night there was a goodbye party of sorts for our associate pastor, who is leaving the staff to go into the life / business coaching business. The event itself was bittersweet, but afterward I talked to a friend who made me cry by crying over my situation (she's a crier by nature; we kid her about it all the time). I got a call from her tough former Marine husband last night, and he was in tears: they had just gotten word that her beloved father had just died. Not unexpected, but still, very sad.

Also at the event, I saw a friend who had to struggle quite a lot physically to be there. Her issues are very personal, but she's had a lot of health problems over the last year, and they have peaked in the last month to the point where I wonder just where her breaking point lies. Because mine would have been before now in her life. I admire her strength, but I know that what she's going through physically and emotionally is beyond my comprehension.

We have some friends who were out of town for a family funeral last week (for her brother). Her mom had lost her father less than a month ago, and now her son in a tragic accident. I cannot imagine the pain of burying my son, ever, much less my father and my son inside a month.

And lastly, I just found out about another friend who has been hospitalized today. She had been suffering fainting spells but was trying to delay treatment until next week when her family's insurance coverage kicks in. Her husband took her to the ER, where they determined she has a heart blockage and will need a pacemaker. She is now in the ICU awaiting surgery.

These aren't women I know casually; these are dear friends whom I love with all my heart. My loss pales in comparison to their needs. My heart asks "why?" and "why all at once?" but I know there are no answers.

And so I pray for Kathy, for Jen, for Angela and her mother Susan, and for Kate. I ask God for mercy for all of us, even though we don't deserve it.

Abba, have mercy on us all.

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ThatGirl said...

I'm so glad to find your blog! I blogrolled you.

On another note, I am so sorry for all of these crazy things happening at once.