Friday, June 27, 2008

Fried Brains, Anyone?

I thought I would get to bed early tonight; apparently not.

Hubby and Son the Older and I went with a (highly non-technical) friend to help him buy and hook up a new TV. Then of course, we had to have dinner. When we went to hook up the TV, there were no cables. And so the evening progressed.

When I came home, it suddenly dawned on me that hello, it's Thursday evening, and I really wanted to take beads to be annealed today, which would have meant that I would have had to have finished them all. So I made a few more beads when I got home. They will go with me to the glass shop tomorrow, where I am taking a two-day class from a real-life celebrity beadmaker. This is the first class I've taken since my beginner class two years ago, and I'm SO excited. I've been learning out of her book since I've had my torch; this class is the beadmaking equivalent of taking singing lessons from Bono.

Whoops! Then I remembered that, it being Thursday, it's time to send off my weekly report to the co-workers in Asia. It reads, "Hi, I'm still an idiot. See you in a week!"

Did I mention I'm leaving for Asia in a week? Because that's eating large portions of my brain right now. I've never been there, and I'd like to not be a total moron while I'm there meeting all my new co-workers. If you have advice, I'm all ears. ("Start by not speaking at all, Lisa.")

And do you know what I got for my trip? The greatest trip toy EVER. I lovelovelove it. Yes, I'm shallow and materialistic, I admit it. I'm a gadget geek and a book lover; this hits my sweet spot dead on. Now I don't have to take 27 books on my two-week trip to Taiwan. Awesome.

I should also mention, on a completely different topic, that I talked to my friend Kate last night. Her surgery was successful, and she's home with her new pacemaker. She is YOUNGER THAN ME, y'all. And I know you'd like to think that I called Kate to see how she was doing. I'd like to think that too, but I can't. Kate called me, you see. She wanted to express her condolences over my much more minor personal thing that I can't talk about for another 24 hours. Hello? Did you not just get home from a life-threatening stay in the hospital? You're not supposed to be comforting me, lady!

I love her so. It's really just the way she is. And it was so, so great to talk to her and know she's doing well. Friends are even better than new toys. And that, my dears, is saying a lot.

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