Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Like Kindergarten, Only More So

This morning I sent Son the Younger to another country.

Some parents only dream about this, I know. But as irritable and hormone-filled and just plain LOUD as he can be, he can also be my sweet youngest son, the sunshine in a room, my little darlin'.

Wow, will that fifteen year old ever hate seeing that in print.

In deference to his sensitive feelings, I'll at least post a pic of him that I know he likes. This is him texting a night or two before he left. It's all I have right now. *sniff*

He'll be wandering Germany for ten days with the other misfit German-learning children from his school. When you want to ask if he has pink hair, the answer is yes. It's a temporary color, and it's the fourth color change this summer, I think. I'm hoping his hair doesn't fall out in protest, but I sometimes wonder.

Two of the other boys going to Germany had leather jackets with spikes on them, and still another had those ear piercings that are way bigger holes than a regular earring. I'm thinking German is the language you decide to learn if you don't want to fit in with the other guys (the girls on the trip look like standard issue high school girls, curiously enough). I know that's my boys's mission in life: NOT to fit in.

So for the next ten days, if your house is loud and chaotic, hug your children for me since I can't hug mine. I'll enjoy the silence, but I'll welcome my boy back with a giant hug. I miss him already.

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kw said...

Momma! I will be praing for your sweet boy. I think he would look cute with pink hair, too! :o