Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sometimes God's timing makes me laugh. Or cry. Sometimes both in the same day. It's been one of those weeks this week.

You'll love this because I'm not really going to go into specifics, but my past has reared its ugly head multiple times this week and caused me to deal with it in a way I've refused to for years. Which, while it's a "Yay God!" moment, is exhausting. And having what's essentially an emotional brick to the face three times in one day is a little much. Not that I get to choose.

Interestingly, I'm on the planning committee for my church's women's retreat, and I'm not the only one going through some sort of stuff this week. With the retreat two weeks out it's not so surprising -- this sort of thing happens yearly to retreat staff -- but it's still frustrating.

Coincidence? Don't believe in it. I just hope God uses it to restore a relationship that I'd love to have back in my life.

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