Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April Fools Came a Week Late

If you are a person of the gentleman persuasion, today's post may shock you. You have been warned.

We ladies tend to grow, um, hair in the underarm and legular regions which must be removed periodically (I know you gentlemings think we're hairless... stop reading now if you feel faint!). In the shower this morning, I was attempting my usual hair removal routine, which for me involves a razor. Unfortunately, this razor, with 2nd-time-use blades, didn't appear to be working at all. I was shaving every which way and not seeing any hair removal at all. I use those funky Venus razor blades that have 3 blades and the gloppy slimy stuff that supposedly keeps you from razor burning. So after a few passes I was sporting some serious slime under my arms to go with the hair, but no hair removal was taking place. I was quite puzzled.

Since I had JUST replaced these blades last time I shaved, and since they worked fine on their first use, I was really at a loss to explain why there was still hair in the left pittal area. At that point I remembered that I hadn't remembered to toss the old blades out, so I switched them out and quickly shaved both pits with the old razor. No problem.

Then, however, my curiosity got the better of me, and I switched back to try the new blades on my legs. Surely the pit thing was a fluke, I thought. I'm not a morning person, and the wattage of my brainpower is somewhere in the night-light range before noon (or at least before my morning Dr. Pepper).

After switching out the blades, I tried the new blades on my right leg, with the same result as before -- not a single hair was removed. At this point, I'm thinking I should actually take a LOOK at the razor and try to diagnose the problem. (Oh yes, I are an engineer!) So I look, and sure enough, the blades are facing the wrong way. That's right, I could only shave successfully if I turned the handle around and shaved "up." So that's what I did. Try it for yourself, ladies -- it's fun!

After I was done, I looked at the razor again and figured out that of course it can be popped off and switched around, which is how it got backwards in the first place. Then I figured out the whole scenario: my razor had dropped on the floor during hubby's shower, and hubby had "helpfully" picked it up and put it back together for me.

He didn't do it on purpose, but he punk'd me good! If there was video of my shower (and if it could be shown), we could win some money...


Cindy said...

At first I was thinking, TMI Sister, TMI!! But then it's pretty funny! To think that you shaved "up" before turning the blade around made me crack up!

Coach J said...

Ha,ha!! I would have just given up and shaved later!