Monday, April 7, 2008

Life? What Life?

I keep thinking I should post more often, but it seems like I just don't have much to say these days. Maybe I'm not cueing in to those fun little moments in life, or maybe I'm just bored. Or, as my dad used to tell my sister when she would complain about being bored, maybe I'm BORING. That's certainly a possibility.

So here's what's going on in my life. I'm working on the silent auction for the women's retreat at my church, which is always fun and a challenge. For the first time in three years, I'm not in charge of the auction, which is actually great -- we have someone who's new and excited in there doing some different things. I bet everyone will love it. We'll be doing a lot of themed baskets this year, which I'm sure will be well received. Lots of our regular donors are coming back -- massage by my massage wizard, jewelry by me and the other woman who has always been my co-lead for the auction, purses by an amazingly talented woman who happens to be the wife of our associate pastor (soon leaving the church world for the business world), fantastic girl bows by the new auction leader, and the list goes on and on. So I'm excited about all of that. Proceeds go to our women's ministry: helping with child care for women's groups, helping single moms, things like that, so that's great too. It's been taking up a fair amount of my time.

I also just volunteered, as I have in years past, to put together the music for the retreat. Our church is nontraditional to say the least and is very seeker-friendly; we will have a lot of women who are new to faith or who haven't made that step yet who will be at the retreat. So the music will not be CCM heavy but will be a mix of fun stuff that people recognize and things that will make you think if you listen to the lyrics. I just picked up Dave Barnes' new CD today, "Me and You and the World," and I'll cram as much of that into the mix as I possibly can. I'll also have some Monk and Neagle, some Aaron Roughton (friend of M&N, native of our church, and hubby of the auction chair). I'll put in some stuff that should sound familiar to everyone: Colbie Caillat, Feist, and Yael Naim's "New Soul," among others.

So if you have any thoughts about great music I should pick up, please let me know. I'm always on the lookout for good music, and this time of year is always a good excuse for me to find more. =)


Coach J said...

You just gave me some new music to listen to! Who says you're boring?!?

Cindy said...

Never boring girl, never boring!!