Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sound the Trumpets!

Today was a monumentous occasion, but naturally I'm going to tell you a long story before I get to the good part. It's how I show my love for you.

Today is my friend Dave's 40th birthday. I've known Dave almost 10 years, and he is a dear, dear friend. I planned a surprise party for him at PF Chang's with a bunch of his good friends (many of whom RSVPed yes and didn't show, which is one of my largest pet peeves). We had a lovely time sampling each other's dinners.

To celebrate the monumentous occasion of going out to eat for Dave's birthday, I went beforehand to shop for a new skirt. Before I was laid off, I had bought a lot of new clothes in the largest size I've ever worn. These clothes are now all more or less falling off me, so I decided it was time for a new skirt for the party. I stopped by Lane Bryant (which I've seen called Lane Giant in someone else's blog -- this makes me giggle) to check out their wares. I tried on a skirt in their smallest size, and lo! it was almost too large.

I found a very cute pair of black crop pants with white flowers embroidered on them, which were crop length on me (this never happens, as short as I am), and lo! they were also almost too large. Now, I had taken the smallest and next smallest sizes in with me; I knew I had lost weight but wasn't gonna get all cocky. So now I'm all, "huh... who knew?"

I go to find a cute white shirt to go with the flowers on the pants. I try two on, both in a fitted cut, and they're clearly too large in the smallest size. Both clerks informed me that I can no longer buy shirts at Lane Giant.

Now at this point, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm thrilled beyond words, of course, but Lane Giant and I go way back. Shop in a "regular" store? Fuhgeddabouddit! Not pay the "fat tax"? Unheard of! And clearly I don't care about fashion, but I think that's a big part of the reason why (if you'll forgive me the pun).

The clerks, of course, want to know how this weight loss came about. I told them, "I got laid off. I don't go to fattening lunches with my co-workers anymore. I eat turkey sandwiches at home. No more tex-mex -- that's my big secret." Go figure. Give up the love of your life, and the pounds melt away. Ha!

So now that I can shop like a real person, tell me -- where do I go and what do I buy? In theory I may have a new job someday and will need new clothes, so I do need advice. I do read BigMama's Fashion Fridays and pay attention, but I'd love to hear what you have to say too. So let me have it!


Cindy said...

Well GLORY BE!! Congratulations Sister!! In contrast, I believe I've found all that weight you lost.

Also - lots of words to tell a story and you give ME a hard time?!?

ANYWHO, seriously, congratulations - now you need to send me a picture! So happy for you girl. Now, all I have to do is give up fun lunches with co-workers huh? I'll have to try that one! Maybe you should write a book.

Cindy said...

Oh sorry, one more favorites:
Ann Taylor (although that's not really your style)
Eddie Bauer (I think you'd love that place - they have a wrinkle free white shirt!)
Sometimes NY & Co, but you have to hit that one right.

Becky Laswell said...

I second Cindy's recommendations for Eddie Bauer. Their wrinkle free shirts are fantastic. I enjoy their outlet location in Round Rock - almost always tempting to buy a skirt there.

Ann Taylor might become your style, perhaps... They make lots of professional "don't look down on me because I'm a girl" type clothes that work in some business settings. It's the first place we shop for gifts for Matt's sister. I find it too dressy for me -- but I definitely don't dress up for work.

bensrib said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your concern for Cari. She is doing some better, and is home with all the kids. Most of the time she just feels very tired (to be expected, I guess), and the headache is mostly gone. The drs. keep saying they just need to find the right dosage and combination of meds to keep her BP down. She did have slightly higher than normal BP before the baby, so this is really not totally unexpected, just the fact that they can't seem to get it down and stable. I'll ask her about PRES. Thanks for inquiring! Karen

Tammy said...

Where can you shop when you no longer fit in Lane Bryant's clothes?

Anywhere you want. :)

That's gotta feel good.

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nicole said...

Way to go on weight loss (bummer on the reason though). I like shopping at Dress Barn for church clothes and they have some casual clothes too. Very affordable. I also love Target. ;-)

Like another commenter said--now you can shop anywhere!