Monday, March 31, 2008

You Would Think I Would Have Something To Say

After all this time away. But you would be wrong. Or maybe not.

I had a crazy busy week getting ready for Easter, between the church stuff and the art exhibit stuff, and then I pretty much just took last week off. Of everything. I didn't even read blogs last week. That's bad.

I did have a job interview last week, which theoretically, if anyone is still reading, you might be interested in. I had a face to face interview with the company I talked to before. Hmmm, I thought I had said more about this, but apparently not. So here's a little bit of the story:

Tech company, based in Taiwan, wants an interface to American company (really two companies, but mainly one). My friend who works at the main American company recommends me for the job. The Taiwanese company interviews me via phone and discovers that I am not a terrifically technical engineer (no surprise to anyone who knows me or who has read my resume).

Fast forward a few weeks, when I get to meet one of the guys from Taiwan, who is in town on business. That occurs last Wednesday. My first thought, because I'm oh-so-observant, is, "my, you're tall!" Because somehow I wasn't expecting the very lovely Taiwanese gentleman to top six feet. Maybe that's just me. But then, I look up at everyone -- I'm really short.

So we have a nice long visit, which is blessedly devoid of technical content. He is delightfully honest about the interview process, my place in it, and all that, and since he would be my manager, I am quite favorably impressed.

Their decision process is going to take longer than I would like (unless I end up with another offer that forces them to decide faster), but that's not so bad.

And in other news, it would appear I have bred not a Rice Owl, but a Texas Aggie. Whoooooop! Er, um, I mean, I'm very sorry my older son wasn't admitted to Rice. But FOOTBALL!


Coach J said...

So your son is going to Texas? And you wanted him to go to Rice instead? Just trying to get this straight in my head.

Cindy said...

Congrats on the interview seester! Praying it all pans out favorably.

Ummm, go aggies?!?

See, I can't even say that convincingly when it's my own nephew.

Seriously, Congrats to son-the-older. I know he'll do phenominal at A&M!!

I can't believe my nephew is about to go to college. It makes my bones ache.

Coach J - no, no, no you can't ever confuse the University of Texas with Texas A&M University. They are very much rival schools. Son-the-older is going to A&M, NOT UT. If he went to UT, (or t.u. as the aggies call it) there might be disownment!!