Friday, March 14, 2008

Falling Behind. On Life.

Yyyyyyyyyyeah. How does this work, again? I write things here and people come here and read them?

Not if I go away for a week at a time, you don't. Bleah.

This week's schedule:

Monday: work, then small group (creative arts small group, the fine folks bringing you the art exhibit next weekend. Always fun).

Tuesday: work, then working on the torch making beads for said art exhibit.

Wednesday: took the day off to prepare for a contract job explaining project management and Microsoft Project to a friend from church who owns a civil engineering firm in town. Was supposed to have small group, but it was canceled, so I actually goofed off playing World of Warcraft (they've forgotten who I am, too -- it's not just you folks!).

Thursday: work, then presentation for aforementioned contract job.

Friday: workworkfreelunchwork. Look for "real" job. Post to blog.

So here we are at Friday, and I still haven't posted all my New York stuff. Should I bother at this point? Does anyone care?

I have pics that I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the south end of Manhattan (the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, stuff like that), and a few of friends that we saw (Laura and Kyle, the opera singers; Shell, who we stayed with; and Ted, our friend from World of Warcraft who objects to having his picture taken). Oh, and the ones from Times Square that Blogger refused to let me post in my last post.

If you're interested in the continuing NYC saga, speak up and I will happily finish it up. Silence means you don't care (or you can comment and tell me to shaddup if you like). Let your voice be heard! I promise your vote counts for more here than in the electoral process!

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Cindy said...

Silly girl - I want to see the pictures!! Blogger was refusing to post my pictures that day (whenever that was) too. How annoying. Anyway, bring on all the NYC pictures you mentioned!