Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Larry's Benefit, Part 2

I know I'm way behind on this post. I had such an exhausting weekend, and last week got away from me too. I want to talk a little about the actual day of Larry's benefit.

First I'd like to show you Larry's wife Susan (my hubby's sister). She's in the middle in this picture, flanked by two of her good friends. She's holding her son's football jersey, which may have been the signed one that was auctioned off that day; I'm not sure.

Yes, it was March in Houston, and yes, it was COLD. In this picture, Susan had just arrived, so this was prior to greeting, hugging and chatting with something like 400 people that day. It was a really long day for her. Good, but long.

This picture is one I've wanted for years. Our oldest nephew (son of hubby's other sister) actually looks more like him than our own sons, I think. In fact, he looks almost identical to my hubby at that age. Since my nephew has now grown a beard, it's even more striking.

You can't tell, but their eye color is the same, too.

This is Larry with several of his hunting buddies. His friends have really been great, very supportive.

There was a barbecue lunch (all food was donated, so proceeds went to the benefit fund), a silent auction, live auction, bake sale, t-shirt sales, jumping castle, even a cotton candy machine. Son the Younger manned the cotton candy booth all day, flagging down everyone who passed to buy some of the sweet stuff. His most interesting customer question: "Are there any carbs in this?" Ummmm...

There were lots of interesting items being sold in the live auction, including a signed Tom Brady jersey, two dirt bikes, a hunting trip to a turkey farm, and lots of other cool things. In a couple of cases, the donors of the items bought their own items back. Those are supportive friends.

Before we left the park at the end of the day, my niece Courtney, who put together the entire event, was playing with her daughter. I took a bunch of pictures, but this one was the most fun.

My apologies for the blurred pic below, but I wanted to include it. I tried all day to get a good one, and this was, sadly, my best attempt. This is my nephew Andrew (Susan and Larry's son) and his girlfriend, who is wearing his letter jacket. I tried to take their picture in the park but couldn't get a good one, so this one is in Susan's kitchen. I only wish it had come out better.

We hung out at Susan and Larry's for a while that evening with both families and stayed long enough to give Susan a short shoulder rub and chat with her and Larry for a bit.  It was great to catch up with them, since we're out of town and don't see them as often as most of the family does.

Larry has come a long way but still has a lot of progress left to make for a full recovery, and Susan has assumed all the responsibilities of caregiver, mom of teenager, keeper of the home, and probably four other roles while working full-time. The funds from the benefit will help a lot with the nursing care that Larry needs, which is a huge help. I can only hope that Susan gets some real and present help for some of her roles, and soon.

There but for the grace of God go I, and my prayers are with her.

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Cindy said...

Wow - Courtney is all grown up and gorgeous, isn't she. What an amazing niece she is! We'll keep Larry in our prayers.