Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun on the YouTube

I've seen way too many cool YouTube videos today, so I'm gonna do the lazy thing and share.

The first one is some bicycle riding that simply defies the laws of physics as I know them.  But then, I'm a middle-aged American woman, not an amazing Irish stunt bicyclist.  I rarely watch videos more than once, but I did this one.

Next, I really had to share the work that Dave Barnes (whose music I lovelovelove) is doing with the Mocha Club in Sudan.  It's heartbreaking that there is so much left to do, but so great that you can get involved for the price of a coffee or two each month.

And of course, I was reading BooMama today, as I so love to do, and she linked to this interesting and odd video.  Not my usual thing to watch, but the end is interesting.  If you click over to to her post (I linked to a specific post, not just to her blog), you'll see that she met the gentleman in the video.  She's all famous and stuff, doncha know.  And I met her once, so I'm famous and stuff by proxy.  Or something.

Anyway, here's the video she linked to.

Lastly -- and this video is one that can't be embedded -- if you've been buried under a rock and are not one of the literally 38 MILLION people (as of right now) who have seen Susan Boyle try out for "Britain's Got Talent," then you really should.  It's kinda cool. And touching.  And all that emotional stuff.

Go ahead, make the clicky.  You know you want to.  All the cool kids are doing it.


Cindy said...

I guess I'm the one under the rock. I haven't seen or heard about that Susan Boyle video. Wow!

Thanks for sharing the walk through youtube!

Lilypad Mom said...

Ohh- like the vids! Great post idea as I may honor it with some stealing of my own. ;-) Susan Boyle is awesome! I happened upon the Susan Boyle phenomenon when checking a Lost Blog where I saw a link to a Late night with Jimmy Fallon video that included a Lost Spoof which was a funny video referencing Susan Boyle's tryout. Confusing yes; 8 degrees of seperation roughly, and kinda loser-ish, but I know me some Susan Boyle now. Thanks to Lost. ;-)