Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just in Case There Was Any Doubt

Yes, I am in fact insane.

Just to prove it, I signed up for NaNoWriMo today.

Maybe you know or maybe you don't, but I've always wanted to write the Great American Novel. Now is my chance to do it, all in thirty short days. Which is about the scariest thing EVER.

I used to think I could write a book, if only I had a story. Well, I came up with a story -- a pretty good one, I think -- about five or six years ago, and it's stayed safely in my head. I've shared the idea with a couple of people, but I've never written it down. I've never seen a book (fiction or non) on the topic either, but I haven't done extensive research or anything. Maybe I'd better start.

So here's the question, dear reader: since I've been ignoring my blog so dreadfully, would you like to read my (quite possibly pathetic and/or insane) attempt at novel writing here on the blog? Odds are I won't be paying a lot of attention to the blog otherwise.

Let your vote be known!


Dy said...

If you are that brave, I say go for it! A little accountability, or something...

Me? Well, no one, and I mean no one sees my NaNo but me. If I ever manage to finish one (making 50k, which I've done once, is ~not~ the same thing) maybe I'll share. Til then I guard the old CDs like a dragon's hoard and pray that they'll be destroyed upon my death!

Either way, good luck!

Piper said...

YEA! Do it! I would read.

Tammy said...

Yeah! I'm so proud of you! Did you officially sign up already??? I know you've wanted to do this for some time now...