Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Which Lisa Talks About Everything, or Nothing

I really have a whole lotta nothing going on in my life, so here is today's ramble. Thanks for joining me in my crazy little world!

I got a free sample of soapnuts in my mailbox today from the fine folks at LaundryTree. I can't wait to try them! I will of course let y'all know how that works out. I've read about them and have been anxious to try them for myself, and the LaundryTree fairies (or Lisa at LaundryTree, who I love because she has an awesome first name and loves Austin) sent them to me. Yay!

Son the Older is coming home this weekend. This also makes me happy.

Son the Younger has found his niche in school: writing for the school newspaper. He loves it, and his teacher loves him and his writing. I'm so proud. *wipes away a tear*

My online game (World of Warcraft), which I haven't mentioned in forever, had a major overhaul on Tuesday, which made the sky come crashing down. Things are sort of working again now. They made players more powerful and the environment less powerful. It's like suddenly waking up as Hera (wife of Zeus, for those unfamiliar with Greek mythology). It's been fun to run through things that have been stopping us for months. Look: shiny!

See how twitter has ruined me for blogging? I can't even do a whole post on one topic anymore! Groooooooooooooan.

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