Monday, September 29, 2008

Whole Lotta Linky Lovin' Goin' On

Tomorrow is a big day for me professionally -- I'll be going to my out of town customer for the first time ALL ALONE.

As I prep for that today, I'll give you some great links to click.

My twitter-pal Nordink's birthday is today. His web site is all about entertaining the short people in your life. Fun stuff -- check it out!

Ever wondered how much of a given caffeinated drink it would take to kill you? Yes, of course, someone calculated it and webbified it.

These are the coolest skins for the iPod (or laptop or phone) I think I've seen. It's carry-able art. I haven't ordered one. Yet.

Have you heard of the six-word epitaph? That's what the one-sentence story site reminded me of. Or maybe a cross between that and twitter.

Seriously, if I hadn't already chosen Blogger as my platform, if I were starting now, I would so choose WordPress. I've read a ton about their plug-ins recently (from my twitter pal relocatedyank). And here's a fantastic story about how WP changed someone's life.

If you're looking for an unusual gift this Christmas season, check out this story (there's an Etsy link there -- interesting stuff).

Last but certainly not least, check out this post from Carlos Whittaker for an amazing example of transparency. Putting that out there took real guts.


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

You do know that it's SO simple to move to wordpress, right?

Thanks so much for the link... :D

And enjoy your alone time... :D

Terrace Crawford said...

Yea, I really liked that post by Los.

Lisa said...

Yep, I loved it too. I read his blog regularly, and that may be my all-time favorite post of his.