Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Like Me Some Music

I'm not even going to count my CDs. Let's just say the number is somewhere north of 500.

And once I started downloading music, I REALLY lost track.

It's great to live in Austin, where there is so much great live music, but really, what could be better than having great live music right in your own living room?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you TRENT MONK!

OK, to explain a little, I've had the Monk and Neagle CD for about a year (or since it came out; I ordered the pre-release). I've listened to it continually over the year and LOVE it. Since it's done with a full band and a lot of two-part harmony, I wasn't sure how Trent was going to pull off a show by himself with just his guitar. Answer: beautifully. Dude can flat-out play, and he's got PIPES. And the people love him. He's modest and sweet, and he has a way with a crowd.

Here is Trent's weapon of choice: a Taylor, of course. Gotta love it. Covered in stickers and signatures, then a layer of clear tape. Niiiiiiice.

I particularly liked the notation by the bridge. It's important to have a sense of humor. Or pathos. Or both.

Trent sang to us for about an hour, doing material from "The Twenty-First Time," and then he was happy to hang around, socialize, and take pictures. There may have been adult beverages, but I'm not sure...

This is my BFF Heather, me and Trent.

This may win Picture of the Night. This is Clare, daughter of the photog for the evening (because I was a bad blogger and didn't take pictures), and Trent being his sweet self. Clare is an amazing photographer in her own right; I would love to showcase her work here someday if she and her mom give me the go-ahead (hint, hint). She does stuff with her point and shoot that I can't manage with my SLR. I just have to remember not to covet my neighbor's camera skills.

This is about the most disgustingly good-looking couple I know, Jen and Jonathan. I'd hate them, but they're fantastic people, so I'm forced to adore them in spite of their physical perfection. Darn the luck.

This is a great example of Heather's facial expressions (she has thousands), but it's also a decent group shot of the people who hung out after the party. I'm on the far left, Jonathan is shaking hands with Trent, and Clare's dad Edward is in the white shirt on the right.

I'd love to know what Trent looks so shocked about here. Danny, his road manager, is on the left.

Last but not least, this is Kate, our photographer for the evening (a.k.a. Clare's mom and Edward's wife). Kate is one of those people who can juggle 87 things and make it look easy. She rocks, and I love her.

I talked with Trent about his history of doing house concerts as he was setting up in my living room, and you'll never guess whose living room was his very first? None other than the person who introduced me to his music -- blogging's very own beloved Sophie! When I met her in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago, she specifically asked me to tell Trent hello. He almost jumped up and down when I mentioned her name, he was so excited to hear about her. He said he and Danny will be heading back that direction soon, and they can't wait to do another show with her.

In the meantime, they'll be back in Austin soon -- sounds like maybe October -- so I might get to host another show. Yippee! There's nothing finer than great music in my own living room, surrounded by old friends and new. I can't wait to do this again with a bigger crowd! This last time was Labor Day weekend, with too many people out of town.

So for those folks in the central Texas area, if you missed this one and want in on the next one, comment, email, or twitter me and let me know!


fran said...

HI Lisa,

Glad you've fallen in love with house concerts...
here's a great resource for you.


Heather said...

So, all I had to do to get on your blog was make a funny face? Hmm. How did that take MONTHS?

That was a great night. Thanks for preserving it on The Internet.

Lisa said...

Dear Heather:

A) By your standards, that's not even close to a funny face.

B) If you want pics of you posted to my blog, you'd best remember the quantity and quality of what I have on you...


Heather said...

I officially take it back. Please don't embarrass me.

Lisa said...

It's POSSIBLE to embarrass you? Wow. I had no idea!

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

looks like a fun time! wish I could come... but it would be a looooong way to come from Jersey.


Lisa @ said...

Hi Lisa! Oh man, I'm so sorry we missed this! We'll definitely be at the next one. And depending what time you have it we'll bring Jonah... that kid loves music. I mean loooves it. I mean you just say the word "music" and he dances.