Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Knew It Would Come to This

But just because you know something is coming doesn't make it any easier.

Today has been spent sorting, packing, cleaning, organizing, shopping, and trying not to think about tomorrow.

This is what's in my kitchen:

It's the last box, with the last few things, and the backpack with Son the Older's shiny new college computer in it.

Who knew that 18 years of existence could be packed into four boxes and a backpack? I sure don't think my mom got off that light. I know she didn't, in fact.

Tomorrow we'll get up and drive to College Station, where we'll move our son into a dorm that wasn't air conditioned when hubby and I went to Texas A&M. Yes, that's barbaric in central Texas. Now there are window units. Hallelujah!

I'm not a crier, but even I might well up a little when it comes time to leave my former baby boy at his new home away from home.

He's such a serious student, my boy. Did I mention he'll be majoring in engineering? You can see here the SERIOUSNESS of the lad leaping off the screen at you, can't you?

That's my boy. I'm so proud.


Viina said...

lol, nice

Becky Laswell said...

Only 4 boxes? Whoa. This is a day to be glad you have sons, not daughters!