Monday, August 11, 2008

Gonna Be a Busybusy Week

So... my Taiwanese co-workers are coming to Texas this week. And I have about a thousand things to do before I leave for Houston to meet up with them.

Here are several of the thousand -- complete!

If you were wondering what those beads were for earlier, this is the purpose. Three of my co-workers arriving today are female; two are male. For the men, I made necklaces for wife and daughter for one co-worker and for fiancee for the other. My friend Jo came over to help me today -- thanks, Jo! She is a fabulous jewelry designer, and I was thrilled to have her help.

I will likely be really busy for the rest of the week, trying to show these folks the same kind of great time that they showed me when I was in their part of the world. Have a great week, y'all!


ChristiS said...

I like the green! These are lovely!!

Preachers said...

The jewels are fabulous, as is your blog design! Who did it?

Lisa said...

Thanks, Christi and preachers!

My blog design was done by Brian, a.k.a. flabbyironman. You can find his blog under my "Friends" header. He's a fantastic graphic designer, isn't he? I was thrilled with my blog when he was done.