Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Now That I've Recovered a Bit...

I hope your weekend was grand; mine was pretty busy.

We had friends (Brian and Angela) visiting from Colorado. They stayed with other friends, which was good considering the rest of the weekend. So Brian and Ang came in on Thursday evening. Heather came over on Friday and helped me by beading a few (OK, six) last minute things for the jewelry party on Saturday. Heather rocks.

Later on Friday, Brian and Ang and Matt and Becky (the friends they stayed with) came over and we chatted while Ang and Becky helped me tag everything for the party. I have the best friends ever. We went for gelato to a place that said it's "open late" but hello, late on Friday is at LEAST 9pm, even in suburbia. So we walked across the parking lot to Marble Slab and got actual ice cream instead, which we ate outside. In December. Sometimes it seems wrong to live in Central Texas...

So after the crowd left, I finished pricing everything and packed up the beads to take them, and thanks to everyone's help, I went to bed by midnight.

On Saturday, I was up by 8am so I could get on the road early -- I had heard a couple of people wanted to come early and look before they had to move on to other commitments. I got there well before party time, but no one arrived early, which was just as well -- it gave us time to get everything ready for the party. I had forgotten my business cards, of all things, so my wonderful niece scanned in one I had in my purse and made copies for the party.

Everything went smoothly, and I sold about 2/3 of the stuff I brought. I apparently didn't make enough matching earrings (earrings are kind of a pain to make, and I really just ran out of time), so I owe one woman a matching pair for a necklace she bought, and I only came home with four pairs, including ones that came in sets with necklaces. Lesson learned!

After the party, I went to dinner with all the girly in-laws (niece, MIL and two sisters-in-law) and then the sister-in-law who played hostess for the party and I got a couple of movies and chilled out for the rest of the evening while her son, who is quite the social butterfly, had friends over. We were both exhausted but couldn't sleep with that many teenagers in the house.

After a solid but too-short sleep, I came back to Austin, missing a turn somewhere that added about 45 minutes to my drive. I crashed again before going to dinner with the Friday night crowd (mmmm, NY style pizza!). Then Monday I took the Colorado folks to the airport, with admonitions to "move to Austin soon!"

So that was my weekend... how was yours?

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad you had such a great jewelry party!! Sounds like it was fun to see all the fam too!