Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It May Be Time For an Artificial Tree

It was a dark and rainy night. Not so much stormy really, but starting to rain a little by the time we left the tree lot.

It rained a great deal on the way home, so we had a very wet tree once we got home with it. We got it set up in its stand, moved into its place of honor, and watered, and left it there to dry before putting up the lights (tonight's family activity will be decorating after I put up the lights today).

Hubby had just decided to go to bed and went in the front room to check on the tree, so he was in the room when it decided to take its dramatic dive. That's right, seven feet of tree and two gallons of water, lying on the living room carpet. Resources were marshaled; family members were called to assist. Son the Older held the tree, I mopped up the carpet with towels as best I could, and Hubby readjusted the tree stand. Son the Younger chose this moment to interject his own brand of stress and was dismissed to be dealt with later.

We ended up changing tree stands, and thankfully, the tree is still vertical this morning. After this whole ordeal, I'm seriously rethinking the whole "real tree" thing.

If you're reading, I really want to know: is your tree real or artificial? Why do you prefer what you have?


Cindy said...

Artificial AND pre-lit! No way am I ever dealing with a real tree. Really, I don't understand why. We never had a real one growing up, I don't see the upside!

Anonymous said...

I was ide-hard REAL tree advocate, until last year when we found out it was our tree that was making our daughters SO SICK they could barely breathe in December. This year- no steriods, neb treatments, nada. I don't miss the mess or stringing the lights. The awkward perfection is a bit to get used to but it only took 10 minutes of set up before we could decorate-BONUS!
Missing the smell is easy- Yankee Candles to the rescue. I Love My Artificial Tree for the gift it gave my family- it's health back!

Merry christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

While I do like the smell of real trees I've found that I much prefer artificial trees. They are so much easier to take care of and don't create any messes!