Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thoughts on the new year, when it's no longer new

When you're dismissed from a job -- a job you're really excited about, that you're ready to pour yourself into -- it hurts.

When you're envisioning yourself in one place -- that one RIGHT place, FINALLY -- and then it's yanked out from under you, you feel betrayed. Shocked. Saddened.

Having spent 2014 on personal and professional growth, through selling my event business and reading every business and personal development book I could get my hands on, I was ready for a new challenge. A big, bold new thing where I could bring all my skills, talents, and the new confidence I'd found to tasks each day. I was looking forward to a challenging role working with people I liked and respected. Then, about a month in, it all shuddered to a halt in a four minute conversation that brought far more questions than answers.

I can't do anything about those unanswered questions, but now I have others.

What do I do now? How does this play out? How do I find the silver lining in this disappointing series of events? Who am I really, and what do I have to offer?

I don't have any answers yet, but I'm wrestling with the questions and hoping to find the next awesome thing. Whatever that turns out to be.


roadkills-r-us said...

Lunch soon? Feel free to bounce questions and dull objects off of me. I've been through a lot of that.
Just promise not to start dancing on the table and singing, "I will survive!"

Lisa said...

See, I missed this one too... I'm now working at the Hill Country Galleria. Would love to meet up for lunch! I won't dance on the table or throw things at you. Probably. =)