Thursday, March 5, 2015

So freeing to have a blog no one reads!

I'm pretty much updating my blog because my dad gave me a hard time.

Hi, Daddy!

So... I got a new tabletop game on Tuesday, and we played it (briefly) for the first time yesterday. It's called "Geek Out!" I'm loving it for several reasons:

  • You can play it with only two people -- a rarity in the board game world.
  • It will change completely based on who is playing.
  • All players participate in every turn, so there's not a lot of boring downtime.
You're given a category (games, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, and misc) based on the roll of a six-colored die. I was going to write a card, but instead I'll show you the back of the box.

It's hard to read the card, but the blue category question (comic books) is "Four Batman Enemies." The player whose turn it is must say four or more. Other players can pass or bid higher. Bids continue around the table until everyone passes. Then the highest bid names as many Batman enemies as he said he would. If he succeeds, he gets the card and a point. If he fails, he gets a penalty chip and -2 points. First one to five points wins!

Who wants to play?


roadkills-r-us said...

This sounds prettyy cool. Unless there are a lot of modern TV and movie categories, in which case I'd be doomed. Maybe still fun but doomed. Batman enemies? Too tired right now but if I can't name six I'm frozen solid.

Lisa said...

This is what happens when emails about blog comments are automatically filed. I honestly thought my dad would be my one and only reader!

Love to play this with you and Sharon... yell if you want to get together!