Friday, December 4, 2009

Got My P-Dub On Last Night

Don't be afraid; this is still a family blog.

For the uninitiated, P-Dub is one of the many nicknames for The Pioneer Woman, a popular multi-blog covering life, love, cooking, photography, homeschooling, cattle... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Ree, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman, published a cookbook. I can hear my friends laughing that I would buy (or use) a cookbook, but stick with me here. I've been reading PW for a while and love her sense of humor and her "keep it real" tenet. She's now criss-crossing the country on what must be an exhausting book tour, in December no less. So last night, I headed down to Book People, a great independent Austin book store.

I got there later than I wanted (6:30 for the 7pm event) and found a couple hundred people waiting -- and no chairs. Now, I have plenty of padding, but I really don't enjoy sitting on the floor for long periods of time. Call me a grump. But I found a friend and settled in.

Marlboro Man (the widely accepted name for Mr. PW) and all four of the pioneer kids (called "punks" on the blog) appeared around 7, and Ree made her appearance at 7:15. Unfortunately, my video didn't work out sound-wise, but here are my first glimpses of MM and PW:

You may be able to tell in MM's pic that he's signing a cookbook; he had his very own line. He's such a quiet man. I'm sure he's ready to head back to the ranch and leave the hundreds of women behind. Or maybe he enjoys the attention just a little. After all, PW's adoring posts have caused women all over the country to swoon when MM walks in the room.

For anyone who may be curious, I took notes on the Q&A. Here is what I wrote down, with quotes for what she actually said and no quotes when I wasn't fast enough to keep up with it.
  • Q: Will you publish "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" (the love story of PW and MM)? PW: Yes, she's working on part 2, and it's due to be published on Valentines Day 2011.
  • PW on Bonnie Hunt (PW was recently on her talk show): "She has cute hair. I'm shallow."
  • PW accidentally bought Spanx in a size too small for her: "I'm finding it hard to breathe. If I turn blue, call 911."
  • Q: Does she like photography or cooking more? PW: They're so intertwined now it's hard to know, but probably cooking since it's done to please others.
  • Q: How does she get everything done? PW: "I don't get everything done. I do what's fun for me." She went on to talk about how she doesn't have to start school at 8:30 and how her closet is a mess.
  • Q: Where do you go for groceries? For other stuff? PW: Ponca City for groceries, milk and butter. Tulsa for a serious run into town or "to see the picture show."
  • Q: Do you read all your comments? PW: Yes, all of them. Well, not the contest ones. Then her closet would be an even bigger mess!
  • Q: Is Ree your real name? PW: "My name is Anne Marie. Mike called me Wee Wee." It was later shortened to Ree, and she was thankful.
  • Q: Why do you pots always look so clean in the pictures? Do you buy new ones for shoots? PW: laughed, said they're just scrubbed. She does not photoshop her pots.
  • Q: Who would you cast as yourself in the movie of your life? PW: Elle Macpherson. Q: What about MM? PW: "Let me think about that..." (never answered)
  • Q: Do you have new [photoshop] actions planned? PW: Yes, in about 6 weeks.
  • Q: How much butter do you use? PW: "That's a personal question. I don't have to answer that!" [pause] "Pounds and pounds."
  • Q: How is your family handling being on the road? PW: "I'm in denial; we all agreed to meet here."
  • Q: Has Oprah called? PW: "No, but Bonnie called!"
How much fun is she? The rest of her family is probably ready to get back to the quiet of the ranch (and she may be too, for all I know), but she handled the crowd with grace and humor.

She called an end to the questions so the line for signing could begin. We were all given colored bracelets, and the line was in rainbow order -- ROYGBIV. Red and orange bracelets could get in line first. Since I was so late, my bracelet was blue.

While I was waiting, I got in the shorter line to have MM sign my book. Here is his signature:

There is also a picture of his famous Wranglers on the last page of the cookbook, with the notation, "The End." When people asked him to sign, MM would inquire, "front or back?" Ha!

I told him I'd like to give his lovely wife a gift and asked what colors she likes and/or wears a lot. He said bright colors, especially red and turquoise. Hmmmm, didn't have anything that color with me. But since I had so long to wait, I whipped up a selection of single beads on cords for her to choose from:

At the insistence of the women behind me in line, I gave her a business card as well. She chose the purple-red heart on the right and asked if I have an Etsy store. (I didn't then, but now I do.) She said I really should. I then gave Betsy, PW's sister, her choice of the remaining beads. She chose the next one on the right, the one with multi-colored stripes.

Here are the lovely ladies behind me in the line, who really wanted to be on PW's blog and who graciously let me do bead market research on them:

And this is the biggest reason I'm still cursing myself for forgetting my new camera last night. The BookPeople folks were taking photos of people with Ree as the line moved along... but my camera phone did not cooperate on the most important pic of the night. Here is my very blurry photo with the Pioneer Woman:

Still, a great night and some fun memories. Thanks, Ree!

I failed to blog seeing Don Miller on his book tour (I didn't wait around to meet him), but that was a great night as well. His partner in crime did a monologue, and he talked about a mishmash of his books.

If you've hung in this far, a few questions: have you ever been to a book signing / reading? Did you hang out to meet the author? Was it worth it?


Lori said...

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman! I obsessed over her blog right after the twins were born... we've got that whole "city girl marries country boy" thing in common.

Lisa said...

Hmmm... believe it or not, I know two Loris with twins. Your profile is private, so I'm not sure which one you are.

I'm assuming you're Austin Lori (as opposed to my stepsister). It's a shame you weren't there last night. It would have been a blast to wait in line with you! It was a good time anyway, but a reunion would have made it even sweeter.

danamite said...

Just linked here from the PW blog and your story is lovely PLUS gives good details on how the signings are happening - how interesting! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lisa said...

Hey danamite,

Thanks for the heads-up and for the nice comment! It was a great evening. I think everyone there had a good time.

I'm so glad you commented; I had no idea she had linked to me. Amazing what a PW link does for traffic!

Lori C. said...

Hey there! I'm the crazy girl on the left wearing the PW antlers! I'm glad to see that you got linked with PW's blog. I've been anxiously waiting to see if she was going to post a picture of my friend, Sandra, and I. After all, we did make fools out of ourselves just to get recognized! She got a good laugh out of the antlers if nothing else! It looks like you have a nice little blog set up yourself- I love the design! I love your jewelry too! You've got a good thing going on with your jewelry creations. It was nice to meet you!

Lisa said...

Hey Lori! I'm so glad you stopped by and commented. I wondered if one or both of you would make it by my blog.

Sorry Ree didn't post a pic of y'all after all that hard work on those antlers. I know I'm a sad 2nd prize, but at least she linked to my pic of you.

My blog design is professional; a friend of mine ( did it. He's a great graphic designer.

And thanks to you and Sandra for letting me do some unofficial market research while we waited. I priced my initial beads lower than y'all said they were worth. No Etsy sales yet, but we'll see.

Tracy K from Chicago said...

linked to you from PW....thought your beads were gorgeous!!! But when I went to etsy....I couldn't find you????
Is the link not operational yet?

Lisa said...

Hey Tracy -- thanks for stopping in and for the bead compliment!

The etsy link is working for me... not sure what to tell you. You can also try going straight to etsy and entering "beadelectable" in the search window. Make sure you enter that as "Seller." That should work for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa--It's Sandra, the other crazy antler girl and it was so much fun to meet you! Love your jewelry and can't wait to "shop" for some! I really think meeting the Pioneer Woman herself has changed my life. I had all but given up learning to cook but she has given me faith! I've started making the recipes and am having a really good time and they even taste great. I'm so thankful Lori asked me to go with her! Thanks again for posting our picture! Hope you and your family have a Great Christmas!

Lisa said...

Hey Sandra -- thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

I love Ree's cooking instructions. Definitely makes it easy for a cooking moron like me to follow. =)

And hey, if you look at my Etsy site and would like something made into a pendant or even into a finished piece, just let me know. I have a ridiculous number of beads and can do whatever you like.

It was so great meeting you and Lori. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!