Monday, December 14, 2009

Flubbed Texts

I got permission to use this, although I won't identify the participants.

A friend was out to dinner recently. He was at an Italian place. His wife thought he was at Chuy's, since that was his original plan. She has a new cell phone and was having a little trouble with the texting feature. She couldn't call him since he was in the middle of a business dinner. He got these texts in quick succession:

"Your mom"

"Called and I talked to her"


"Should just give up texting, but maybe you could bring creamy?"

Of course, "hate" has become our new in-joke. She intended to say that she hates texting on the new phone, but "hate" was all she got out before accidentally hitting send. It came out sounding like a slam on her mother-in-law -- definitely not intended.

The last text, for those familiar with Chuy's, is a reference to the magical creamy jalapeño dipping sauce for chips. She was requesting that he bring some home because YUM. Out of context it sounds a little, um, strange.

So there's your Monday giggle. What else has made you smile today?


roadkills-r-us said...

What else made me smile today?

A guy at work has his birthday tomorrow. As a joke, someone decided last Monday that it was his birthday and got him a cake as a joke, co-workers sang to him, etc. That was repeated every day last week.

When I asked if he got a cake today, he went mildly berserk. So of course I went and got a cake, and a bunch of us sang to him. His expression was priceless. But despite his protests, I think he's enjoying it; nobody ever made this big a deal over him before, AFAICT.

Lisa said...

That is a fantastic story, Miles.

Now you should ask him to imitate Milton from "Office Space": "Pardon me, I did not rethieve a pieth of cake." Hee hee. Then film it and youtube it.

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Anonymous said...

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