Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wowee -- Maui!

So this is a blog, huh?

How do I do this, again? Let's see if I can remember what all these buttons do.

We're staying with our friends Matt and Becky while we're here. They've rented a house in Maui for two and a half weeks. Her parents are here for a week (leaving Tuesday night), we're here for a week (Saturday through Saturday), and her brother and sister-in-law will be here for a week starting Tuesday. They have graciously allowed us to join them in the house, which has been fantastic thus far.

I could tell you all about my travel woes in getting here, and maybe I will if I need blog fodder later, but I bet you'd rather see pictures... unless you're not here. In which case seeing my pictures of tropical paradise will only make you hate me. I'm willing to take that risk. Here goes.

This first shot is of last night's sunset, with Becky's dad in the foreground.

This is a cool shot of my feet in the Pacific, taken by my hubby, who is far better technically as a photographer than I am. Note the cool effect of the water running around my feet.

This is me with the sock monster that Becky made for me. I've decided that he's my mascot for this trip, so you'll be seeing more of him.

Today someone gave me a gorgeous fresh flower. I made sure I wore it on the appropriate side. If anyone knows what flower this is, please speak up!

We went for a short hike today and saw this amazing blowhole. Becky and her mom provide an excellent reference for size in the background.

I think this is my favorite shot of today -- a dead tree with some beautiful clouds in the background.

We went on a great kayaking trip this morning, but I'll have to do that in a separate post... it's late and I'm really tired. Hope y'all enjoyed this small taste, and I'll post more soon!


Candy said...

Sigh, I miss it so much... dang it! You just HAD to go there and tell me all about it, didn't you? :)

I don't know the name of the flower, but it looks like a ginger flower - OMG, the ginger leis... I used to get them to drape over my computer screen at work, the smell was soooo good!

Sheila said...

The flower is plumeria. Don't they smell divine? Of course, everything in Maui is divine (except the locals on the road)!